About Us

Binbox started as a self-serve publisher network where you could earn money to share your links. Our goals have always been to be the top-paying and most user-friendly pastebin. As of today we are one of the only pastebins that allows you to publish, earn, and advertise all from one network. Most importantly our success has been due to our cooperation and support for our members.

How It Works

We pay you when you create pastes and share the links through Binbox. When someone views your paste, we credit your account with the amount relevant to that visitor's country. Upon opening the paste, your visitors will complete a captcha and view ads that we run. You receive payment from the funds we receive from advertisers. The more people you bring to your pastes, the more you will earn.

"Binbox.io, without a shadow of a doubt. Pastebin will pay you for every 1,000 views. Binbox allows you to monetize your traffic. If you need to save to an external plain-text then Binbox.io is the solution for you."

− Luca

"First time I ever seen an admin like this I would like to share with you all. Their earning rates are also so high."

− GaGafunia

"Its great paying site earn without RISK because there is no investment required."

− Koolperson

“Binbox is one of the best services on the web to earn money online. They’ve always paid since it opened in 2013 and never delayed a payment.”

− Luca (one of first 1000 users)